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Please vote for my shirt “Poison Paradise,” to help it get printed on Threadless! I’ve been designing more tshirts recently and this is my first submission. I appreciate any and all support.  I know this blog has been dead awhile but….grad school is consuming most of my time. June is graduation, after that I expect to put an enormous amount of energy into developing this blog.  Thank you again for any help!

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I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but fear not! I’m almost done with all the large projects this quarter has presented me at DePaul and I plan to continue writing stories in the near future. Well back to work on this book review for my Comm Law class. Wish me luck! More PR, Advertising, and Social media news coming soon!

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Personally I’m already annoyed and sick of all the 3D movies that are being released. I believe that there are certain movies that can completely benefit from the special effects that 3D movies offer but in all reality not EVERY movie needs to be 3D.  Kids movies are a great place to do 3D just for the novelty and the ease of being able to catch a child’s attention, however I really don’t think James Cameron needs to re-release the, now second, top-grossing film in 3D. Titanic is set to sail the sea again in “glorious” 3D in an effort to remember the 100th Anniversary of the “unsinkable” ships first and last deployment.

I have been actually avoiding a few movies simply out of my annoyance with the film industries need to over use this 3D gimmick in everything lately. However there was one movie that I did cave in and just HAD to go see when it was released a couple weekends ago and of course that would be Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Let me say that was a phenomenal movie but even after seeing it I can honestly say it’d be just as amazing (and I am hoping to confirm this sometime this week) in standard 2D glory.

I wonder how long will this gimmick last? It’s not the first time producers have used 3D as a way to drive ticket sales at box offices, but seriously how long will that work once the hype of the return to 3D wears off, or worse when 3D HDTVs finally make it into homes and people have the full capability of properly watching a 3D movie comfortably from their couch. Here I even continue to question the strength of the capability, will that be a failed attempt at bringing this gimmicky technique into homes, who is really going to want to waste money on a new tv just so they can watch the handful of new movies that were in 3D? I definitely don’t plan on jumping on the train and I am usually one of the geeky guys that always needs to have new technologies. I’m starting to question tech development in general though now but that would be another topic completely, (see my reaction to the iPad).

What it comes down to is will people continue to fall for the fun nature of 3D films or will they eventually wise up and realize that what makes a GREAT film are the same things that always have, fascinating story, with a sound plot, good character development and quality settings. The basics are what make a movie good not cheap marketing gimmicks that are used to drive people to the box office because that is the only place (as of now) you can easily see these films in their full form. I believe everything will always come back to the basics, even marketing in the social media world (read more about my feelings on that here). I guess we’ll just have to see if this FAD fades away as I hope it will. What are your feelings on the 3D marketing gimmick? Shout it out in the comments!

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