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AT&T She-Mail

Ok this is going to be a very short blog and I’ll be writing another that will actually be used for Allan’s PR class during lunch, but honestly who the hell approved of this advertisement spotted in an AT&T store? I mean I understand they are trying to create a cool little combination of the words but really “I she-mail”? Schedule doesn’t even sound like she when said. Perhaps this was done intentionally to get attention but honestly I must ask how do things like this get approved. I am struggling to see how this can be a positive reinforcement of a brand. AT&T shame on you for branding this poor guy as a she-male! Sometimes I really question how people get their jobs in this industry when they make stupid decisions like this one. So now I ask what is your opinion of this ridiculous attempt to create a hermapha-phone? (yes I just made that up, hopefully its not too politically incorrect) Anyways share your thought in the comments.


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