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I said I’d be back and what a glorious piece this is for us to take a look at today.  Dodge has been releasing new commercials lately, specifically focusing on the…Caravan? Really Dodge you’re blowing advertising money on a van, a vehicle that is slowly meeting its much required death.

The deal is a 60-day money back guarantee. You like the car you keep it, but  if not you have 60 days to return it.  Some say this is in anticipation to other new minivans being released this year from competitors like, Toyota and Honda. From what I hear the 60 day deal is not so simple when it comes to the return part but that isn’t what irks me about their strategy, what irks me is much deeper than that.

Now I understand the minivan is not my vehicle type and therefore I am not the target market, however, I was under the impression that minivan’s were dying their slow death and being more or less phased out by most companies in favor of new flavors such as cross-overs and smaller SUVs (since we know most of the large ones died during the carpocalypse).  Why would a company pump money into advertising a dying platform and whats more they advertise it in such a manner that insinuates that you’d be a moron not to love their van.

Tagline: The “You won’t need 60 days to decide but we’ll give it to you anyway” event.

You’re right I won’t need 60 days to decide because I would never come in and purchase your vehicle anyway.

But this isn’t even what is really truly bothering me.  At this point you’re probably confused why the subject is “Dodge doin da drugs?” Well see below and you’ll understand.

Seriously??? Jalopnik put it best Reservoir Dogs, meets A Clockwork Orange, combined with “lovable” furries? I’m so lost… At what point in the meeting did someone start popping mushrooms and declare, “I’ve got it! Ok so we’ll take what looks like a scene from Reservoir Dogs, ya dig? Next combine that with A Clockwork Orange….and here’s the cherry on top. Furry masks for mice, cats, and dogs!” Honestly where do they even think you can go with this. Perhaps I am missing something (I’m not  their target audience, after all) but this just makes no sense and seems like something some druggie thought up during their last trip to unicorn island.

Dodge…I don’t get it. And honestly I don’t want to, minivans are monstrosities that I refuse to drive no matter how many children I end up being cursed with after this rant.


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