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With the emergence of Social Media as a platform for marketing, advertising, and providing a fantastic means of Public Relations the world is becoming overwhelmed in finding ways to manage the plethora of social media platforms available to monitor.  There are so many outlets available from viral videos, blogs, video blogs, forums/boards, to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as the new Google Buzz, and Facebook fan pages, and even mainstream news sites. There are so many platforms now to monitor, interact with and constantly maintain. Doing everything individually is extremely inefficient seeing as having multiple browser windows open can be very tedious, so what kind of solutions are out there?

As it turns out there are actually quite a few startups that have created platforms that allow for multiple social media outlet monitoring all within one single application, but we are not here to talk about Scout Labs, Viral Heat, HootSuite or any of the other ones… NO, today we are discussing the newest entrant that is aiming to streamline the entire process in an excellent package created on the Adobe AIR client, and that would be Radian6’s Engagement Console.

Radian6 aims to create a simple application that will allow you to access all workflow from within the client, providing access to a customizable tracking unit of various social media sites by breaking conversations out into broad spectrum topics, specific topics, customers lists,  create user assignments, or even separate the stacks out by media type.

Radian6’s workflow manager enable you to delegate posts to fellow team members, track the status of those assignments. Essentially it allows you to take social media info and direct it to the correct member of a team to process and handle. Conversations are recorded, whether through Facebook, Twitter, or with co-workers. You’re able to do most of the typical stuff that can be done within the original social media platforms but now everything is organized into one simple to use client and with methods that allow monitoring and management.

Radian6 also allows for analytical monitoring of everything from within the console for post volume, engagement stats, it creates a simple method for measuring activity across the various media platforms.

Currently Radian6 is not yet available for public use as it is in private beta until April, I have contacted the company in an effort to obtain a private beta invite hopefully I’ll have more information soon as this seems like the most amazing tool yet. I may check out these other platforms but this one seems like the one to keep an eye on as it really focuses on the ability to monitor, manage, and measure social media interactions, which I feel is something that was probably needed a year ago even though the explosion has really begun over this past year a definitive monitoring tool is long overdue and I cannot wait to get my hands on this. Hopefully it’ll enable social media to reach the next level by providing more concrete information about how people and companies are working together through social media.

I can’t wait to try Radian6, will you be willing to give it a test run? Well here’s a video to hold you over.


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